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                                Equipping and Encouraging You to Parent With Personality

Because we value children in their unique approaches to life, we strive to: 

  • help you understand your child as he/she was created, 
  • encourage the development of strengths, and
  • provide tools to modify areas that may be a struggle. 
A personality assessment does not limit a child, nor does it make certain traits define them. Rather, it is a tool to see what traits may come naturally and why others may take more practice. It is a helpful tool in supporting children become all they can be!

This personality assessment is a story of four monkeys (Sunny, Champ, Max and Pal) in The You Zoo. As they encounter different obstacles in the course of a day, each monkey handles the situation in a different manner. Children are instructed to read the story and decide in each scenario which monkey is most like them. Through the course of their decisions, a pattern emerges that gives insight into the child's personality. But the value of this book is far greater as it incorporates the following:
  • Children's Personality Assessment story and scoring,
  • Parent Observation Profile and score sheet,
  • Adult Personality Profile,
  • Introductions to the four personality styles as they relate to children and adults, and
  • Parenting tips for the various personalities and combinations with parent and child.
Whether you experience wonder, frustration, or joy at the differences you see in your children, you are already one step closer to understanding the need for this assessment. This just might be the most useful tool you ever encounter as you raise your child and make the most of your parent and child relationship!

We would love to partner with you as you discover more about your child!  

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