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How many times have I looked at each individual child--so unique, so gifted--and wondered if I would ever truly understand how to best walk alongside them as amother, a teacher and a mentor? The You Zoo is a phenomenally practical, creative and inductive tool that will give you a much needed lens into viewing how your child thinks, feels and experiences life. You will laugh, affirm, celebrate and gain lifechanging insight along with your child as together you are handed the gift of perspective with clarity, sensitivity and compassion.
Ghena M. Burson, M. A., Curriculum & Instruction
Homeschooling mother of eight

In a world where educators embrace diversity in relation to socio-economic status and ability level, The You Zoo provides educators with information that can reach across cultures and performance levels to allow teachers to engage the true essence of the child.
Dr. LeAnn Smith
Principal at Albin Elementary—A Blue Ribbon School

Albin Elementary implemented The You Zoo program through a school-wide assessment engaging students, teachers and parents. We followed up with professional development for teachers and parents analyzing results and learning the program’s tips to meet the needs of the diverse personalities of our students. The You Zoo allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the “emotional currency” of each child. Teachers gained insight into more effective differentiation and classroom management. The You Zoo is fascinating and purposeful for any educator or parent.
Tracy Petsch
Milken Educator at Albin Elementary School—A Blue Ribbon School

I have found out not only a lot about myself as a teacher but also about how my students learn from me because of their different personalities. Learning the student’s personalities will help guide my future instruction. This will in turn guide my students to the best of their abilities.
Lori Trevillyan
2nd grade teacher

This is the most practical, useful, loving way to understand your family!
Karen Fischer
Mother and Former MOPS Coordinator




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